Fear is the dragon…

Fear is the dragon that we must slay to open up to what is right in our lives. Religious institutions, political institutions, pharmaceutical companies and the media have done big business keeping us in a constant state of fear. Fear of what, it’s the future and they bank on you being afraid of what MIGHT happen. They all want you to believe that it will be negative. Because then you need them!

What, if you thought that your future could turn out positive? What, if you lived day to day  just trying to be in the moment and thankful for what you have, instead of what you might get? I think that’s freedom. When a person can command their day to day, live in the moment, they are free. Free from worrying about what they are missing out on, free from thinking that the sky could come crashing down on them at any moment, free from the past, future, getting cancer, Satan.

The devil is in negativity and fear. We can choose to release ourselves from these shackles and stand tall with feet firmly planted in the now…There is strength and confidence there…There is hope and honour there…and most of all, there is Love there….

“The past cannot be changed, the future may not come, but we can choose to live in Successive moments of now”  Sant Kirpal Singh

Calm Before The Storm

We never know what’s coming around the corner. Life is often filled with surprising turns or events that take us by surprise and change our lives forever. We can sense or feel the energy of impending change if we stop and listen for it. What is in the air? Are the birds quiet? Is the air so still that it feels empty or aches? What is the sky telling us if we look up  at it? We used to know these things. There was a time not too long ago when humans trusted their senses and relied on intuition and instincts to get through life. Now it seems that everyone is looking down at devices in their hands as if  the answers of the universe are contained within. The answers are all around if we keep our heads up. Everything we need to know has been written on the ground, spoken into the wind and painted across the stars. 


My wife Paula, woke me up this morning with her two fists pointing toward me. If it were not for the huge smile on her face, I would be squirming. “HOLD FAST” she said. We laughed and I felt deeply grateful that I have her in my life. In my experience pursuing and  sustaining a Career as an Artist these days is a Dream. Pursuing your Dreams is a slogan that get’s thrown around alot. What does it mean, really? It means finding your path at whatever moment in your life and following it until the end. Not realizing that the initial joy of being on the right path will quickly be replaced by challenges, obstacles, indifference, adventures and mis-adventures, so great, that if you really knew what you in for, you would run the other way screaming.  Twelve years later, i’ve learned many lessons, my life has changed greatly. I have learned the true meaning of many words that I have come to Love, because they have all been in play at different times…Temperance, Perseverence, Tenacity, Fear, Doubt, Faith, Gratitude, Acceptance and Partnership. I could not have begun creating Art and choosing it as my career at 35 years old with a Family and bills to pay if it were not for my Partner, Paula. She has accepted me, encouraged me and picked me up so many times I am forever Grateful…


1 Thessalonians 5:21