My wife Paula, woke me up this morning with her two fists pointing toward me. If it were not for the huge smile on her face, I would be squirming. “HOLD FAST” she said. We laughed and I felt deeply grateful that I have her in my life. In my experience pursuing and  sustaining a Career as an Artist these days is a Dream. Pursuing your Dreams is a slogan that get’s thrown around alot. What does it mean, really? It means finding your path at whatever moment in your life and following it until the end. Not realizing that the initial joy of being on the right path will quickly be replaced by challenges, obstacles, indifference, adventures and mis-adventures, so great, that if you really knew what you in for, you would run the other way screaming.  Twelve years later, i’ve learned many lessons, my life has changed greatly. I have learned the true meaning of many words that I have come to Love, because they have all been in play at different times…Temperance, Perseverence, Tenacity, Fear, Doubt, Faith, Gratitude, Acceptance and Partnership. I could not have begun creating Art and choosing it as my career at 35 years old with a Family and bills to pay if it were not for my Partner, Paula. She has accepted me, encouraged me and picked me up so many times I am forever Grateful…


1 Thessalonians 5:21


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