Salmon Miracle

I live on the West Coast of Canada. In the Greater Vancouver regional district to be exact. It is a beautiful area with Georgia Straight to the west of Vancouver, the Coast mountains slightly north, the Cascade mountains to the south and east. Through the centre of all this cuts the Fraser river Delta. The Fraser river begins on the western slope of the Rocky mountains and works it’s way through the Province of British Columbia to the sea. If you’ve ever flown in or out of the Vancouver airport you’ve seen the river Delta fanning out all around and probably noticed all of the silt spreading out to change the sea water in Georgia Straight. The Fraser is special because it is wild, no dams, and it is the highway for countless numbers of Salmon heading to their spawning grounds.

The Sockeye Salmon runs up the Fraser for the last 6 years or so have been in decline. So much so that for the last three years the commercial fishermen have been forced to sit on the docks because there were not enough fish. In the time I have lived here the average run of Sockeye up the Fraser has been 6,000,000 Fish. Last years run was only 1,000,000. The Department Of Fisheries, environmental activists, politicians have all been telling the public that the precious Sockeye Salmon are on the verge of extinction. We have heard every theory imaginable from Global Warming, Sea Lice from Farmed fish, Seal numbers being too high, on and on.

Well, inexplicably this years run of Sockeye up the Fraser started out with an estimate from the DFO of 11,000,000 fish total, impressive, that was in the first week of August. Three weeks later the number of estimated fish heading up the Fraser is well over 34,000,000, the largest Run of Sockeye since 1913. Nobody knows why! Nobody knows where they have been. Everyone is starting to have an opinion. I’m sure the DFO is under enormous pressure to explain how in one year the fish that they are supposed to be monitoring and Protecting have gone from The Verge of Extinction to a Miraculous recovery.

Politics aside. I see it as an incredible example of Nature trumping science. I also feel so inspired that Miracles of Abundance can and will occur. Everyone is worried, Everyone is feeling a sense of lack and here is something so outrageous and astonishing, everyone on the West Coast has lifted their collective jaws off the ground and are now stuffing their faces and freezers with fish. God is Great!