Paint Splattered Puppies

Painting outside brings many new elements to the process of creating one of my pieces. Weather is a main factor, the paint dries fast which makes me feel more urgency than is typical, wind can play havoc this last piece is 72″ wide and a gust of wind sent it flying in the middle of the session. The feeling of expansion in my heart from the surroundings is a strong motivator and fuels the process. My usual habit of listening to loud music has been replaced by the song of countless birds.

But, the coolest thing about painting outside…Is now that my fence is finished, I can paint in my backyard… not wondering what the puppies, who we lovingly call the “Pointer Sisters”, are doing. It’s just fun throwing the paint around with The Sisters at my feet sleeping. When I emerged from the Trance of the Colors and looked down. I was greeted by two sleepy looking Paint Splattered Puppies…A Good Day’s Work…Image


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