I have a friend, at least I like to think of him as a friend. Everytime I see him I hear the name Alfred. So, Alfred he is…A Red-Tailed Hawk that lives on my property or at least my piece is in his range and he visits daily. I first met Alfred the first week I lived here. Last November Po and I were here alone for a couple of weeks and Alfred was often perched in the old dead Alder tree in the middle of our field. He would take off as we approached…

One day when I was mowing the field for the first time and getting disturbed by the amount of mice I was shredding. I noticed Alfred up in the tree, I took the opportunity to make friends and show him I was on his side. Whenever I ran over a mouse I would stop the mower and calmly step down and throw the dead mouse  to the tall grass below the tree. After a time, as I looked back he began to drop to the ground and eat. Ahh the simple things that can bring a smile  to a man in a new place, trying to belong.

It’s been a year now and I see him everyday.  Whenever I leave my house the tree is empty and on my return, without fail he is perched in the tree. I like to think he watches my house for me. He leaves as soon as I arrive, I hear him say “ALL GOOD”. I will never tire of his presence…Alfred