Color the grass

Color the grass

There is a spot in my field that I mowed so that I could set up my easel and paint last summer. I walk over the spot everyday with the dogs, the blobs and streaks of paint are still there on the grass and dirt. The rain and cold weather has not faded the colors, still intense, vivid. Like a beacon they remind me that spring is coming and urge me to get busy making a colorful mess again…There is nothing like painting outside…


After Carlos died being only 53 I made a decision. Life is too damn short, I applied for a loan against my house and bought a small boat. It was something I always wanted and it was perfect. We camped overnight as a family and as a couple countless times. The boat is now gone off to live with Cecil in  Hotsprings cove. However, the time we had with her was magic. Her name was “Full Moon”.

We had many great times on her and many scary times, being new to boating, anchoring and the various challenges that come with trying to live on a moving playing field, water, that’s always changing. I read once that Archangel Michael assists mariners, he helps to erase fear and can assist with mechanical issues. You have to ask angels for help, they are polite, they don’t meddle.

Three years ago my daughters best friend had lost her Mom. We always brought her on our boating adventures to help her ease the pain and because she was just a great kid to have around. One weekend in particular was special, we packed for a five day trip with Ali in tow. The boat was loaded, packed with food, wine and all the supplies for a great getaway.  We started the motor, pushed off from the dock and got out into the river that fed into the saltwater bay for our sixteen mile crossing across Georgia Straight (Salish sea) to our final destination Cabbage Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands. As I got up to speed I felt the usual happiness at the beginning of a trip. The motor suddenly died as if it had run out of fuel. I tried many times to re start her but no luck. I engaged the small secondary motor and we hobbled back to our slip in the marina. Temporarily defeated.

The next three hours were spent crouched, sweating over an engine I could not sweet talk into starting. Everything I could think of  failed to get her back to life. I was getting pissed off and my heart was heavy seeing the girls hanging out and hoping to get going. It was a hot day and it was going to be dark soon. I went to the end of the dock and dove into the water. While I was under I remembered to ask Michael for help. How can I fix this? Within seconds the name Greg popped into my brain. Greg!!! He was a mechanic who had worked for the factory that made my boat. I had his cell number, so I called him. Being a saturday I was hoping I could catch him. He answered…” Greg, it’s Rob” “Hey Rob, what’s up?” was his reply. I explained the problem and all he could say was ” I’m tied up now, but, ya might try to find the lead wire to the fuel sensor unit it’s rare, but sometimes it get corroded and will prevent the engine from getting fuel, blah, blah, blah. “I gotta go” he said. I thanked him and quickly climbed under the engine and found a tiny wire that lead to a tiny brass nut. I unscrewed it and using a brass brush cleaned it up and re tightened it. I yelled up to my wife Paula “start it up!” VROOOM!!!

We were back in business and leaving the dock. I thanked Michael for Greg and asked that he help us get across Georgia Straight and find us a mooring buoy at Cabbage before it got dark.

We had a beautiful crossing. The water was like glass and illuminated in oranges, reds and purples with the setting sun. The girls were sitting outside on the bow with their arms raised singing at the top of their lungs. We approached the buoys as it was getting dark. It was crowded. My mouth dropped open as we saw a sailboat leaving a buoy, as we pulled up. I looked up at the darkening sky and silently said thanks. We had our spot, Faith restored and a great trip…

Thank you Michael…


I saw an Angel the other evening while meditating. It was not the first one I have seen as a large variety of them have been coming and going in my meditations and my life for the last few years. In 2008 my good friend Carlos died, he was sick with Pancreatic Cancer. While visiting him in the hospital, a few days before his end, I will never forget he slowly stood up from his bed in the hospital to shuffle to the bathroom. As he was about to pass through the doorway he looked around the room and then at me and said “can you see all the Angels?” “What Angels” was my reply. “There everywhere” he said as he carefully closed the door as if he was afraid of hurting one.

Shortly after Carlos passed I started to see them. I remember one New Years Eve, I was really stressed, worried and weighted down with a burden that I can’t remember now. I went for a walk long after my wife and kids were asleep. We were living in the surburbs then and as I rounded the corner close to home, I saw a huge Angel in front of me almost blocking the street. I stopped and waited to see if it would pass, like a thought. It stayed , huge and glowing. After a moment, I began to calm and relax. I blinked and it was gone. I walked home  no longer troubled. The next morning as I was making breakfast, my daughter Kelsey looks up at me from her plate “Dad, you’re taller this morning” and happily continued eating. Our date for the day was The Polar Bear Swim.

Over this past year, I’ve tried to piece together plans and ideas for my property, home, career and life. As everyone experiences, there have been many delays, obstacles and challenges. Two of these elements have been with me  for a while, they are about to end. From time to time, I admit to getting impatient and even frustrated with the process of waiting. Two nights ago was such a night and as I closed my eyes and began the process of clearing and re-grounding, a very strange Angel appeared it began to bend and stretch to the right, left, up and down, like it was made of rubber. I heard the words, Flexible, you must be flexible, have Faith. I asked the presence for a name…Esk, Eska, or Eth. It was hard to tell. I thanked him for his visit, as you must be respectful to all visitors.

The next morning I googled Angel names with the letter E…I found ETH and was stunned to read the following…

Eth is the angel who sees that everything happens at the appointed time. He brings people together, he opens doors that had previously been closed. He ensures that everything falls perfectly into place when the time is right. If you are feeling frustrated because nothing seems to be happening, relax and know that Eth is bringing it all to you exactly when you are ready.Everything happens in divine time…

There is no special talent to seeing Angels, it’s just a matter of listening, asking for help. They started showing up for me when I was ready to pay attention. They are everywhere…Carlos was right!