For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the image of a heart. I have painted countless hearts into my work. A heart is just a beautiful symetrical image of two halves making a whole…to me a heart expresses love, passion and ¬†freedom of the soul. The way I try to live my life everyday…Heartfelt…The way I paint…with Love. Working through the many daily challenges that life brings can make us forget what’s essential…Love!

In the back of our property we have discovered an old apple orchard. The trees are 25 in number and had not been touched or cared for in about twenty five years. I have spent the last two months pruning back the old growth…cleaning up the blackberries that have overrun many of the trees…then burning or chipping up the endless branches that were cut…It’s been a challenging winter for us, we are in a new country and have met many wonderful new experiences, but had to adjust to some of the not so wonderful…Staying positive and having faith that we are meant to be here has not always been easy.

Last weekend I was forced to cut down a really old Apple tree that was just too far gone. The trunk was in a wild thicket of razor sharp blackberry bushes. It took me about an hour of whacking and hacking back the vines just to get at the trunk. I cut threw the base of the tree with my saw…I was rewarded with this image.ImageI smiled and thanked God for blessing me with my new home and the affirmation, through this symbol that I am meant to be here…I have found a home.