About Frogs

When he comes to you it’s can be a subtle slow process. He comes with a voice in the middle of the night, he comes to you with visions of paintings to create even though you never painted. Trust… take the leap, your soul has been waiting for you to make the connection to the Divine.


The process begins with the action taken, the slightest tentative step in connecting with your higher self with your soul’s birth plan leads to an unyielding supply of support. An arm being held by a force to move the paintbrush in a way not thought possible, the huge glowing white angel that appears and surrounds your house in a time of struggle and uncertainty. “I am Hamied, fear not, all will pass, you are in the eye of the storm and will land gently on solid ground”

Gratitude envelops the person who takes the steps toward realizing that God exists and that we are surrounded and always a breath away from connecting with the spirit. It’s nature and natural. Love is the water that nourishes the driest soul and  a new life begins… life you were meant to live.

On the property we have very wet areas on the land. In the spring the frogs start singing so loudly at times that you can’t hardly think of anything else. As the weather starts to dry up the land, you see very low patches that were once filled with water and teaming with frogs and tadpoles. The tadpoles lay in the drying mud in a state of waiting, little black spots that look like shrivelled dead bugs. A couple of days of rain and an amazing thing happens. The  water comes in and the tadpoles become living breathing active creatures again.

Frogs are miracles of transformation, they start as eggs, move to being tadpoles, then frogs. They live in two worlds… water, land and are comfortable crossing back and forth over that bridge.


I figure that’s a good example of a soul. We have to constantly listen to what we really need, spiritually and nourish our soul with Love, or it dries up. The beauty is that there is always hope for us. A little rain, alot of Love and a step in the right direction leads us back to the living. It is possible and necessary for all to attempt to bridge the spiritual and the physical. Its as normal as nature, as natural as living and breathing.