The Color Red


This is a 1944 McCormick Farmall tractor. It’s temporarily sitting in my field while a local farmer cuts my hay field. Mark found this gem in a field. It had been sitting un-used for 28 years. He bought it for $400, spent a week fixing it and it now runs great. I don’t want it to leave. It has the most beautiful lines and looks so good sitting under the pear trees at the end of the field.

i think I like it most because it has the most perfect color of Red. I stand there, look at it and think whoever picked this color for this brand way back in the day was a genius. It’s the kind of red that makes your spirit soar yet looking at it you feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Colors all have a powerful effect on us, magical. Right now this old tractor is working it’s magic on me…

There is nothing like the Color Red