Road Music

I just finished a long road trip down to California and back. The scenery was great, the weather was fine. It was great to be back in the art galleries selling my work. After months painting in seclusion it means so much to see the people that sell my work and meet people that buy my paintings and hang them in their living rooms face to face. My confidence in my work and purpose is refueled and I left Yountville and Sonoma rejuvenated and refreshed by the encounters. It takes 14 hours of driving to get there and 14 hours to get home again. I tried to pack some driving music before I left. I realized that my next trip will take a little more thought and planning with the CD’s that help along the way. This trip was all Derek Trucks, “Already Free” has become an addiction. I listened to the Who “Quadrophenia” late one night near Mount Shasta and marvelled. I was shaking my head back and forth and singing along red faced to Alabama Shakes, “Hold On”…Then thanking the genius of Wilco while listening to “Yankee foxtrot hotel”  has there ever been a better piece of music in the last 6 years…Sigur Ros, Wildly Angelic and inspirational…I’m happy to be home, safe and sound…and glad to have the opportunity to stretch out, see some wonderful sites and just get back to the Music…cd