Scott and the Sword

My first born is named Scott. As we were expecting him we had a list of names for him…but, once he popped out, it was Scott, there was no debate. Scott was always a complete dynamo, high energy, peddle to the metal, kind of  Kid… We used to joke that it took us 5 years to be prepared for kid number 2… He was just that kind of a young tornado…Scott is now 24 and I marvel everyday at his abilities and talent…Yet, like all of us, he does not see what we see. He lets his brain take over and tell him, you can’t do this? You can’t do that!…The reality is that he is a young man, beginning to realize that he is a creative soul of a very high level… Music has always been his passion and when he is on stage with his Red Fender Strat hanging off his body, he just looks born to play guitar.

He is searching for his path, compared to me, it was laid out for him from the time he was three years old, beginning with piano lessons. Music was a done deal for him. While he has experimented with many different jobs to try to begin his adult life, the reality is he probably will never be happy unless he is creating. I envy him and admire him more than I can describe, because I did not realize  what I could do until I was 35. He’s been working in harmony with his soul since he was three.

I go out of my way to support him, because everyday life has a way of blocking an Artist on his path…I just want his way to be easier than mine and I want him to know that his way will be easier, and that he has my support and my attention. He sends me a text today…”Dad I started drawing again”…”That’s great!” I reply and the photo of what he drew was this…Image

We share a love of Medieval films, Braveheart, King Arthur, Gladiator, etc,,, I sent him a text back…”Scott, when a man finds and accepts his soul’s purpose in life, the gates of heaven open wide and it is the same as young Arthur hesitantly pulling out the Sword from the Stone” It does not mean the work is over, but once a person realizes and accepts what his soul came to this earth to do a miraculous partnership occurs…We pull at the sword and if it’s true, it opens up and unleashes our potential..Acceptance and Faith take over from there…

God bless the warrior path… Support your local artist, he may be closer to you than you realize…scott

G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E !

My sleep is interrupted, every evening around 2 am for an hour or so. A  pattern that has been a constant for the last 15 years or so. I used to curse this, but realized long ago that it was a gift. It was the time that I could work at a very high level of creative thinking. Projects I was involved in during the day that posed riddles would be sorted out. When I had my studio in my house I would pad downstairs and create some of my best paintings at the time. For the last four or five years, this time is now what I call “Vision Time”. It’s the time when the Universal voices of Love and Wisdom are speaking to me the loudest. God, Jesus, Angels and the planets. I see and hear many unusual and wonderful things. It was unsettling in the beginning as I questioned all the information, along with my sanity… At the end of a session or as I wake up I ask “what’s the word for today”? I instantly hear a word or short phrase that usually rings true as the day progresses.

Never as strong though as the word I got a few nights ago. We have been caught up in a very challenging time, a logjam. Moving to a new country and starting from scratch building credit scores, trying to get a mortgage had proven to be a mountain, rather than a hill to climb. I naively did not expect it to be so  challenging. I felt like jumping off the mountain a few times. Two nights ago, per usual I asked “what’s the word for today”? I saw God’s face in a blinding light, then words appeared G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E ! Just like that. That day I learned that our bank loan had finally been approved!

Gratitude indeed on so many levels. Now, I have accepted and settled into the place of knowing. It’s who I am and I am grateful for my gifts and the lessons that often come hand in hand.