A New Book

I have a friend who I’ve never met. His name is Niall Williams, he lives in the remote Westcoast of Ireland. Niall writes novels, very good novels. My first experience with Niall’s writing was when I was given “Four Letters Of Love” as a birthday gift in 1997. It was Niall’s first solo novel and it became an international bestseller. It was the first book that after reading the last paragraph I promptly flipped it over and began the story again on page one.

At that time I was beginning to connect the dots of my life in a spiritual sense. This book was illuminating and a powerful affirmation that life is not random and that there is truly magic in the air. All of Niall’s books show us the spiritual world is as real as the physical world. It sometimes takes nothing more that the courage to extend your arm and part the curtain.

I’ve read and re read all of Niall’s books over the last 18 years and at some point about 6 years ago I was fortunate to make contact with him. He is a kind and gracious soul and our written exchanges have inspired me and given me strength to pursue my art, they’ve given me the courage to pack up the city life and move to the country, given me a peek into a different world and culture on a Westcoast far away from the one I live on, and often they just give me a laugh.

Niall has a new book coming out next month titled “History of The Rain” and I can’t wait to read it…


IĀ encourage everyone to get a copy and explore his other novels, you won’t be disappointed and they just might change your life!