Yellow Cedar and The Day Job Part 2

For the last two years I began to be a bit weary or burned out by my day job. I guess my feelings that I should be further along with my Art sales had gotten the better of me. Feeling that the world would rather hang a big screen TV than a piece of Art added a bit of a chip on my shoulder while I spent my days sawing wood and working on people’s homes. I felt a shift this last month as I was working with my son and his friend on a series of outdoor Arbors for old clients of mine. I felt lighter and buoyed by the enthusiasm these two young men found in their work. They were excited by the challenge I presented them and grateful for the work provided. The boys love working with wood and it’s all new to them.

We are building three Arbors for my clients. Two in Western Red Cedar that have been stained a deep Brown color and one is in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, my all time favorite wood. Scott and Adam have begun to tease me about my obsession with this material. I just love everything about it, the color, the smell when you cut into it, the endless ribbon curls as I plane the edges, it’s just magnificent and I feel honored every time I get a chance to work with it.

Yesterday we came close to completing a Yellow Cedar Arbor, it turned out great. We did a cool fanned out effect on the top 2.5″ x 6″ beams. The boys left a bit early and I was alone for two hours while I was applying a coat of varnish. I left the job site weary, but happy with what we had done. It was beautiful and it felt good to know that we built something for these nice people that will last a very long time.

I got an email from ┬ámy clients this morning. It was a series of pictures of an Eagle perched on top to The Arbor feasting on a Rabbit this morning.ImageEveryone who has seen these pictures are amazed. I believe Eagles carry Big Time Medicine. I was over the moon with excitement to see that this magnificent animal chose the Arbor we made yesterday as a cool place to have a snack, this morning. It reassured me that my day job may not be so bad after all. I build things that will last, I put my heart into the work. It’s all I can do. God does the rest. He gave me a big sign today…Thank-You!