Old Inuit Song

“I Think Over Again My Small Adventures. My Fears.

Those Small Ones That Seemed So Big, For All The Vital Things I had To Get And To Reach,

And Yet There Is Only One Great Thing, The Only Thing,

To Live To See The Great Day That Dawns And The Light That Fills The World.



Holocene Bon Iver


I recently bought the second Bon Iver CD…I’ve been listening to it constantly for the last two weeks. I texted my son Scott, to say…”I love the new Bon Iver Cd, especially the song “Holocene”…”Dad that song has been out for two years, it’s my all time favorite Bon Iver song”…Oh well I may be two years late, but, Scott and I know a good song when we hear one…
I never really care about the lyrics of a song..I’m always tuned into the feelings pouring out of the singer, the bass line, the harmonies…
This song is beautiful and the Video, takes me to a place I thinks we should all strive for. Being innocent, alone and in rapture, skipping stones with nature…