On Facebook and gaining Momentum

My kids and their friends used to use MSN Messenger, then quickly jumped ship to Facebook. Social Networking and Technology was what they were born with and using this method of communicating to them was effortless. I did not really understand what it was all about. I resisted the whole thing as I was still trying to figure out how to Copy and Paste a link or create a file on my desktop. I wrote things down on paper using a pen and if I wanted to communicate with a friend I phoned them, or mailed them a note. I miss that, no question.

I first went on Facebook back in early 2011. With the aid and encouragement of my son I created a Public Page, (Rob Hooper Art) and a personal, slightly more private page. I timidly began to upload photos and seek out friends. One by one I amassed a small group, I took the term Friends as serious. If you invited someone as a Friend, to me it meant they were a friend, period. I could not imagine some people had hundreds of friends. I lasted about a year, then I just started to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. The energy of everyone was sticking to me like glue. I had not learned to detach, or keep it all separate. I bailed on it, disconnected my personal page, but because of some odd Facebook glitch I could not figure out how to disconnect my Public Art page.

Back in 2012, I was preoccupied with daily life issues anyways. I had moved to the USA. I had land to look after, kids to look after, banking issues and trying to get my head around three of my best selling galleries closing and a drop in Art sales that was not a slow trickle, but an almost complete shut off of the tap. My confidence in what I was doing and how I was living was at a low point. I didn’t dwell on it, just put my head down, Humbled and kept going, doing the all important Inner Work.

Last summer my son and daughter as they are administrators on my page, slowly started to say “Dad, you’re getting some Likes on your page”. This went on for a while and one day I started looking at my page. I wanted to renovate the page, but due to a Facebook oddity, I had to restart my personal page. I resisted this for a while, then with Scott’s help and encouragement, got it all going again.

I started editing, changing and deleting pictures generally changing things around as best I could. I began adding friends and reconnecting with old friends. I started uploading photos I’ve taken with my beloved iPhone camera adding favorite quotes to the pictures. Unconciously I guess, I began to tell a story, my life story. I’m not at all afraid of death. I’ve seen Heaven in my visions and I know it to be something that we should not fear. I don’t dwell on the end of my physical body. It will end and my soul will pass on to the next phase. I believe that. But, death and the energy of death has been floating around with me for about two years now. Maybe, it’s because elements of me had died to be be replaced by something new.

Last summer my son was visiting and he was helping me work on a project. Out of the blue he says something like this “Dad, I want to know more about you, I feel like you’re like this perfect person, you’ve helped me so much, you’re so wise and I want to take more time to know who you really are” He was up on a ladder and I was on the ground below him, the sun was shinning and I felt my spirit lift off as tears began to fill my eyes. After a time I responded, “Scott nobody is perfect, least of all me, thank you, though. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve tried to learn from them all. We’ve got to do the best we can in this life”

I’m really enjoying my time on Facebook. I’m loving the interactions with old friends and revelling in the shared stories and life experiences that we’ve had. I’m laughing out loud at many of the interactions. I’m moved by many of the posts. I keep thinking about the early days of the telephone, there was the operator (Facebook) and many people in the town could be on a Party Line talking away. This is really what it’s about basically. I’m making many new friends that I haven’t physically met, but, I feel a connection to as like Minded folks who are experiencing life in a similar way. But, on a higher level than the chatty Party Line, I see an assembly of photographs and stories that tell stories, life stories.

With the words of my son ringing in my ears I’m putting together a portrait, like this Blog. Hopefully an honest album in words and pictures of my life. If they ever had the need, my kids could connect with the friends I have on Facebook and know me better. I’m climbing to a new place, gaining friends, seeking and reaching out to people that i’ve known, loved and had a laugh with. I’m finding Magic and happiness with this, who would have known, I’m giving Facebook a huge LIKE…

I leave you with a song from one of my Facebook friends i’ve never met. Enjoy a little Sunshine..http://youtu.be/J3DD9CGvS1M

The Miracle of Laughter

As I get older and count my blessings everyday for the choices I’ve made and the paths crossed and taken. I’ve come to appreciate The Miracle of Laughter. I would never consider myself to be a funny person, although I’ve always thankfully had the ability to make my wife laugh. Life is serious, really? Does it always have to be? Yes, there are many difficult and challenging aspects to modern life, and many people I know are struggling with various issues.

If you’re foolish enough to watch the evening news every night, you can hardly feel anything else but gloomy, afraid and pessimistic. My friends that make me smile and laugh the most these days are struggling with various hardships, as I am, some more some less, but if it’s personal, it’s important. Making each other laugh and smile has unknowingly helped rise us up from feeling defeated. Out of darkness into The Light.

Over the last four years I’ve had what some may call a Spiritual crisis or awakening depending on how you view it. While I’ve been visited, by countless, unexplained visitors of the heavenly realm, I’ve felt my grip on trying to live in the old ways lesson. Life is just different for me now and I’ve seen with my own eyes that when I’m dancing, painting, writing or listening to music the Angels are responding in kind. I know that God is equal parts Divine leader, Loving thunderbolt right between the eyeballs Teacher and Harpo Marx.

For the last few months more and more people who make me laugh have been coming into to my life. The ones that don’t are rapidly leaving. Brett Ryan Stewart cd Tilt a singer/songwriter friend cracks me up daily on Facebook. My writer friend Niall Williams last spring published the funniest book I’ve read in years History of the Rain. I feel that to laugh or make someone smile and laugh is like that crack of sunshine on a cloudy day. Probably why the Irish call a good laugh Crack. I vow to work harder at taking myself less seriously and making more of my loved ones laugh and allow them to see the joyful spirit that’s in me and hope that more and more show me that side of them.

I was in a store yesterday and they had a display case with these novelty wrist watches, I smiled and laughed to myself when I came across one that was titled Ministry of silly Walks it had John Cleese’s body at the Twelve o’clock position his legs were the minute hand and the second hand. I vowed to save up and get that watch.

We have three dogs and they make me smile and laugh everyday. I often tell people there is no accident that Dog is God spelled backwards. Their humor, joy and rambunctious spirit fills this house and lifts my spirit in kind. Over the Holidays, two of the three must have eaten mushrooms or something that made them so sick that they almost died three weeks apart. I realized as I saw them in such a dark place that their spirit was on the verge of leaving them and it was heartbreaking to see.

As, I was walking them this morning and writing this post in my head, a rainbow appeared, in the direction I was going. Home. So, I’m laughing more, I’m telling the ones I love that I love them more. I’m thanking God, Jesus and the Angels for their companionship, Love and guidance over the last few years. Get use to it world, this is me. It’s only just the beginning. I say this in case a sixteen ton weight happens to land on my head at any moment.

So, beloved blog readers whoever you are, make people laugh, hold the ones that make you laugh and smile close and lovingly, peacefully stay clear of the ones that don’t. With that I’ll leave you with a bit of Harpo…God Bless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9OUIk4Oaq4