Small miracles and small boats…

For about seven years prior to my move to Ferndale, I always had a boat. I started with a small 2 man Zodiac, then bit by bit, I kept trading up. It was so much fun to search Craigslist for a bargain, Use them for my modest nautical adventures, spend free time cleaning them and fixing them up to sell. I finally got to my dream boat” Full Moon” was a 22′ Seasport Sportsman.

It was one of the saddest days of my life to have to let Her go. The times we all had on her were some of the best in our family history. In my boating life, she was The Love of My Life. There are times when I think of her my heart aches. Sound silly? Not, if you’ve ever had a boat addiction.

I’ve been on land for four years now. I think I’ve only been in my canoe once, since. Lately, I’ve been drawn to water. In my daily travels I’m stopping at the beach, even for a moment to just look out, breathe in the sea and listen to the birds. There is restorative power in and around The Sea.

Last week an older friend calls me while I’m at my local Chinese $5.75 lunch place. Her… “Rob! We want one of your paintings and we’d like for you to build us a small Pergola”.  Me… “Great”. Her… “We can’t pay you, but we have a brand new 4 man Zodiac and a motor”. At this point for a second I was disappointed, as I have bills to pay. Then quickly, my heart lifted. A sign?  Me…” Sounds like a Trade, done”. I hung up the phone, finished my lunch, opened the Fortune Cookie and was stunned to see this…


Am I being guided back to The Sea? Maybe. Hope So… Here’s to miracles, however small slowly working their way back like a rising tide…


A draft from 2013…A Vision I saw

A man walks alone naked across a frozen field. The icy ground cutting into the soles of his feet like countless shards of broken glass. There is pain…no blood…He steps up to the alter iluminated by a brilliant golden light. The man reaches his arms up to God and begins to speak.

” I have a body will you take it?” God’s only son appears and brings a new body back and says.  “You will live a long time”

“I have a heart will you take it”? God’s only son reaches his hands out from a white linen gown touches the still beating heart and says “It is full and rich with life”

” I have a son who needs to see, will you help him” God’s only son steps forward with the young man in tow. “He is free, he is yours again”

“I have a daughter, who is in Love” God’s only son steps forward with two little children. “Meet your grandchildren”

“I am an artist, will I be met?” God’s only son steps forward trailing an line of countless souls. “This is your audience”

“I have a home, I want to stay here” God’s only son steps forward with a golden gate in his arms. “This is your land the gate will protect you from harm”

The man turns slowly around with a blazing warmth on his back. The ground thaws as he walks…where there was ice…now there are wildflowers. He kneels down, lowers his face and breathes in the kaleidoscope of scents. He is dizzy with the fragrance and exhilarated by the colors. He lays down in the field and says softly to himself. ” I think it’s time to rest”.

This is what I know…

I wrote this back in January of 2014…What the hell. Might as well share it…

Looking through the remnants of a dimension or a reality that will be soon lost, leaves me with an impression or an acceptance that God has been pulling the strings all along. My freewill was an illusion. He is in firm command of the ship and hopefully will take me safely into port. I have worked hard to assimilate and integrate the gifts that have been given. It has not been an easy task to allow a feeling of trust in the flow of information that I have received the last 14 years. I have seen countless visions of Jesus, Angels and many wonderful things that can hardly be described to the listener without the fear of looking out my window and seeing a white van coming up my driveway. But, the constant word I hear through all of this miraculous change is Faith. I have to have faith that it’s for real and it all means something.

One night about eight months ago, I was outside with the dogs, before bed time. I was dealing with problems before me. I was looking up at the the stars in the night sky when I saw and felt a huge hand swoop down from the left corner of my field of view. The hand came down as if to cradle me, “All will be well my son” was all I heard, but for what lasted for about thirty seconds I was suspended and swaying to and fro by what I believe to be the hand of God. You cannot convince me otherwise. Many times since, when I am in a restful state I see a vision of a pair of hands extending to me sometimes with a face, other times with a bright white light that’s hard to describe. When I reach out my hands to join his, my body trembles with the flow of energy pouring in. Sometimes it feels like it’s too much, scary really. I often ask…”Am I dying”? The answer is always No.

I’ve often felt confused and angry by the visions as the reality of my day to day life over the last few years has been not quite as glorious as the life before me when my eyes are closed. I’ve struggled greatly with trying to find answers to this riddle. I’ve often questioned my sanity. All along though as scary as it was I kept working with the flow of energy placed before me. I realize now that it has taken great personal courage and tenacity. I’ve written down as much as I can about what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced. Overall though I’ve been private, I don’t feel like keeping it a secret anymore. I have no answer or explanations to give anyone about the How? or the Why? All I can say is I see God, he talks to me, Jesus was the the earliest to come in and has been like a beacon guiding me along the trail. I’ve experienced in more ways then just visual, many past lives my soul has lived. I have been followed and guided by angels. Yeah, it’s odd. I’ve never been religious and was even an Aetheist for a six month period. But, I’m here to tell you that for me it’s real. I’m probably not the only one. The spiritual world is now just as real to me as the physical, I accept it and feel blessed. I no longer Fear or question the information pouring in.

God, Jesus, Angels and a host of other wild and mystical beings are here with us. They are here for us, to help us get through our Soul’s time on earth. It is not our only time, it is a time for our soul to experience earthly things and feel gravity, sorrow, dirt, blood, grief. When we are happy, laughing or experience moments when our mind disconnects from our body, like how I felt when I use to ski as fast as I could or when I paint. Those brief moments are how your soul feels when in heaven. There is a reason our souls landed into this earth and into our bodies. Lets not waste the time we have…