Small miracles and small boats…

For about seven years prior to my move to Ferndale, I always had a boat. I started with a small 2 man Zodiac, then bit by bit, I kept trading up. It was so much fun to search Craigslist for a bargain, Use them for my modest nautical adventures, spend free time cleaning them and fixing them up to sell. I finally got to my dream boat” Full Moon” was a 22′ Seasport Sportsman.

It was one of the saddest days of my life to have to let Her go. The times we all had on her were some of the best in our family history. In my boating life, she was The Love of My Life. There are times when I think of her my heart aches. Sound silly? Not, if you’ve ever had a boat addiction.

I’ve been on land for four years now. I think I’ve only been in my canoe once, since. Lately, I’ve been drawn to water. In my daily travels I’m stopping at the beach, even for a moment to just look out, breathe in the sea and listen to the birds. There is restorative power in and around The Sea.

Last week an older friend calls me while I’m at my local Chinese $5.75 lunch place. Her… “Rob! We want one of your paintings and we’d like for you to build us a small Pergola”.  Me… “Great”. Her… “We can’t pay you, but we have a brand new 4 man Zodiac and a motor”. At this point for a second I was disappointed, as I have bills to pay. Then quickly, my heart lifted. A sign?  Me…” Sounds like a Trade, done”. I hung up the phone, finished my lunch, opened the Fortune Cookie and was stunned to see this…


Am I being guided back to The Sea? Maybe. Hope So… Here’s to miracles, however small slowly working their way back like a rising tide…


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