I’ve got a book.

About 18 years ago I had voices in my head continually telling me to paint. It wasn’t until a perfect storm in my professional and personal life brought me to my knees and I actually began to paint. The process of creating, the colors and constantly having my clothes and hands splashed in paint brought me out of the darkness.

For the last three years the same voices, now with images have been telling me to write a book. I’ve been taking notes of my visions and experiences, putting them down on paper as best as I can. I’ve been writing my book everyday in my head.

Last month a great man left his body and became spirit. I never knew him in this life, but his spirit has been visiting me constantly since he passed. He keeps showing me a book with blank pages. Always grinning and smiling as he flips through the empty pages. I can smell the paper now and I’m getting tired of him poking me in the chest. He’s becoming more of a pest.

So, this morning I vow to begin to write it down. It may never get published, nobody may ever read it. But, I’m getting it done. Before I blast off into the heavens, I will leave behind a book to go along with the countless paintings I’ve made. So, it is written, so shall it be…