A World of Wonder

This is an old piece from 5 years ago…

I have lived in a World of Wonder.

I Wonder what that means?

I lift tubes of paint to canvasses bare and Wonder if I can do it again.

I Wonder when the dam will break, and I will be received. Golden haired and ready to take my place in the world of AArt.

I go out to Sea and look below me and wonder about the life I feel, but,  cannot see or share.

I roam along ancient Coast Salish Middens and Wonder what secrets and stories they hold. If I listen carefully in stillness I can hear them.

I voyage with eyes closed and Wonder if the visions and the stories told from “Other Lives” lived are mine.

I hold a place for my children to grow and Wonder who they will become.

I search the stars and Wonder at the enormity of it all.

The Outcome

This is a piece from 2 years ago…

The beginning and early years of many is the theme of seeking a way to fill the empty places within. My path to creating art was pushed by the emptiness. Slowly and very quietly the voices came, years went by, as they get louder and louder. When I finally listened, and a step taken,  the holes began to fill and a path was laid in a dark forest. The path led me to God who was waiting patiently all along.

He was not in that great new job, that new toy, the paintings of others or the magnificent Cathedral. He was inside of me, as he is in all of us.

The Outcome to life’s puzzle rests in the heart of the seeker who allows the crack in the dark to slowly open. With curiosity and bravery the light gets brighter. With a simple question…Will you help me? Images will begin to appear in the light, at which time you wonder if you’re crazy. Crazy is living a life in fear, greed, jealously…Faith is trusting in what you see, and allowing your mind to shift from the What… What am I seeing? To breathe and take in, the Why… Why is this happening? Until after a long struggle it’s a loud Yes!… I understand.

“It’s me, I’ve been here all along.”

“Sorry, I guess I wasn’t paying attention?”

“No, you were busy.”

“Well I’m not busy now, I’m just painting, filling the walls of my house and stacking them up in the closet when they are done.”

“Good, keep doing it, you will need many in the future. When people have stopped finding room for a flat screen TV, they will realize that a space still needs to be filled, not just on their walls, but in their hearts.”

“What will my work show them?”

“Purity, a purity that lies at the root of all true Art. Me! The seeking and finding of me. I Am, radiates out a pulse from the canvas, like a beacon.”

“Love, is what I feel when I’m painting.”

“What else is there to say?”