A World of Wonder

This is an old piece from 5 years ago…

I have lived in a World of Wonder.

I Wonder what that means?

I lift tubes of paint to canvasses bare and Wonder if I can do it again.

I Wonder when the dam will break, and I will be received. Golden haired and ready to take my place in the world of AArt.

I go out to Sea and look below me and wonder about the life I feel, but,  cannot see or share.

I roam along ancient Coast Salish Middens and Wonder what secrets and stories they hold. If I listen carefully in stillness I can hear them.

I voyage with eyes closed and Wonder if the visions and the stories told from “Other Lives” lived are mine.

I hold a place for my children to grow and Wonder who they will become.

I search the stars and Wonder at the enormity of it all.


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