Tbt… Rob’s Bull Elk close encounter story😳…
Back in the winter of 1986 I was selling Skiwear and travelled all throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan in my Toyota LE Van, sweet ride. One of my biggest customers and pals lived in Banff, so I was there a lot. Paula’s brother lived there as well, across the street from a small church. In front of the church was a small grassy yard with a low sturdy hedge. I was 22 and hyper, I rarely walked anywhere, always running, think Energizer Bunny. Btw, my Chinese Zodiac symbol is a rabbit 🐰, so it fits. Anyhoo, I was in town in the middle of winter and Banff is frigging freezing in winter. I had to get up early for a drive into Calgary. I got up around 4:30 am and left the house quickly to not wake anyone up. It was still dark, no moon, no stars and Misty. Romance was in the air. I crossed the street, walked arround to the passenger side of my Van, sweet ride. I was on the sidewalk inserting the key into the sliding side door to get my Ice Scraper, my back was to the church. The air was thick with frost, moist cold. Suddenly the moist air became warm on the back of my neck. It was almost soothing, then a sound entered my ears and the realization of something breathing heavy behind me entered my brain, like a whisper. The breathing continued, very calm and rhythmic, very relaxing if only my heart hadn’t begun to beat out of my chest.
I slowly, so slowly like the slowest Turtle, turned around, and there he was. I now call him Boris, the biggest Bull Elk on the planet. Our breathes were intermingling, our noses almost touching. As our eyes met, he had beautiful brown eyes, I noticed Boris had friends behind him. His lady friends, his Harem about 8 or 9 cows, laying in the grass looking at me and Boris with their beautiful brown eyes locked on me. Now Boris had a huge rack of antlers that seemed to reach to the heavens over my head, quite intimidating, my eyes came back to Boris’s beautiful brown Orbs. My face had begun to perspire, or it could have been the slow rhythmic moisture filled blasts from a pair of huge lungs caressing my freckled Ginger cheeks.
I decide to ease the tension, I slowly speak. ” Hey man” No response, more breathing. ” You are beautiful, I’m sorry to disturb you and your gals, but if you could just unpin me from your brown eyed death stare and let me drive on out of here, I’d really appreciate it” No response. Then all of a sudden a huge blast of hot giant pair of moisture filled lung air hit me right in the face. Bammm👊🏻
Boris almost smiled and winked as he slowly turned and walked away, like the coolest Mo Fo bull elk on the planet. I quickly jumped into the open side door. Locked the door and realized I had left my keys on the outside still in the lock. I was locked inside my frozen 1985 Toyota LE Van, sweet ride. 🤷‍♂️