Divine Providence…

The events of the Paris attacks, Isis and the stirring up of religious tensions over the last few days reminds me of a very clear Vision I had a few years ago.

While laying in bed in the middle of the night, my eyes closed. I began flying up and up. I began to see below me this giant pyramid with a brilliant light at the top of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the light as it was the most spellbinding white. I shifted my view down and the area around the base was filled with people, packed tight. I cannot remember if they were jostling, or unsettled at all. There was countless humans. They were definitely not fighting. On each side of the Pyramid I began to see lines of people slowly and single file climbing. At the head of each line I saw Buddha… Jesus… Krishna and Mohammed. All making their way to the light source.

I had an understanding then what my Vision meant. It radiates more power to me today. As I was at work thinking about whether to share this or not my mind was filled with the image on the  back of our One Dollar bill. I looked it up and Divine Providence came up, God’s love and protection over humanity. I believe it to be true and I have Faith that the majority of Humanity want the same thing, no matter what side of the pyramid you are on. We are climbing to the same destination and in God We Trust.



A Banquet…

About Four years ago, I had a vision of being in a large room with arched windows. The scene seemed old, like I was in an old life in Tuscany, Florence to be more specific. I approached the window and as I got near I could look out and see a country scene unfold. Suddenly,  this whirlwind of paper flew around me and I could see that what was paper was actually dollars, money. Swoosh, it all started to go out the window. I wasn’t sure or confident to understand then what I was being shown, but, realize now it to be true. The last four years has seemed like a constant outlay of money and energy. No matter how hard I worked in my day job or at the marketing of my Art, it was all going out and little coming in.

A couple of months ago, I was having a sandwich at a bakery in town. From my seat I looked up and saw a mural I had never noticed before. It was a painted rendition of my vision. A Tuscan old looking Arched window, looking out to the countryside. What startled me for a moment was instead of money flying out the window, the ledge had many loaves of bread, cheese, meat and fruit. It was a painting of abundance.

I kept looking at it then closed my eyes and a chalkboard appeared in my inner view…FAITH was slowly written across the board in a whitish yellow large piece of chalk. I opened my eyes as they began to tear up, said Thank-You in silence and walked out the door to continue my day.

About two weeks ago, I was forced to make a trip to California. One of the galleries that carries my work had decided to turn  one of their locations into a clothing store. Regretfully, the location that sold most of my work for them and had the most wall space. The other location they have is smaller and has a shortage of wall space. The feeling of hitting the road and spending more money to collect more of my artwork and find a new home for it, rather than hitting the road to bring fresh work and collect checks, made me feel gloomy and dejected. The hopeful part of the equation was that a short while ago I had set up a new gallery in a town nearby, Calistoga to be exact. Trying to stay positive I thought it would be good to re visit them and try to establish a more permanent connection. The fear of running out of money before a shift in the wind has been looming large for me for about six weeks now. But, it’s a Fear and only the potential energy, not necessarily what will happen. But, when it sits in your stomach it’s sometimes hard to eradicate.

My wife had vacation time and she was overdue for a change of scenery. I looked at the bank account groaned, carefully figured out what we could spend, made some calls for accommodations, negotiated with God for a successful trip. While in meditation before leaving I was greeted by a large friendly face, actually Jesus to be exact as I have seen him many times before. His face came closer to mine and then he slowly tilted back and his body stretched towards me like a table, large amounts of food began to fill the table. His hand began to pick up food and offer it to me. Which, I of course thankfully and gratefully accepted. We left for the road trip on the day of my birthday. We drove for two days, stayed three days in Calistoga and then stretched the drive home by three days.

While on the trip we did what we’ve done for years, kept it all really simple, packed our own food, wine,  sandwiches, olives, fruit, lots of road snacks and lots of music. The energy was not of worry or expectation, but, just peaceful, watching the landscape of the Westcoast change and unfold before us. From time to time, when I wasn’t driving I would close my eyes and Jesus would appear with a handful of food extended or once a spoon. Many times a loud voice came in to say “You are locked in, Have faith, there is nothing you can do to change this path”. While it may sound weird or fatalistic for anyone reading this. For me I’ve become used to it and it helped me continue on as relaxed as I could possibly be. You see in my case in the life I’m living creating works of Art and having raised a family, it’s all about Juggling and trying to stay Afloat and balanced. I guess I have become good at it.

One the first day in Napa Valley, I said goodbye to the old gallery, it was sad to part with the friends I made there, but, business is business I guess. The new gallery has lots of wall space and they seem genuinely excited about me and my work. Onward and hopeful we spent the next couple of days in and around Calistoga. I love that place. I met some interesting people that I hope will become new friends. My cousin and his wife showed up and treated us to an amazing birthday dinner.

We left Calistoga and stopped the first night in Yreka. We settled into the room after walking the dogs and I was stunned when Paula started to unpack an amazing dinner of snacks that my cousin and his wife had brought from Whole Foods Market. What a dinner, we laughed pretended we were in Spain as we ate.

The next day we drove through a stretch of The Oregon Coast that we had not travelled in about six years. During our summer camping trips for years as the kids were growing up this area was our stomping grounds. We had the times of our lives camping, living in a big family tent then moving up to a tent trailer, all the while on a shoestring budget. My mind was drifting back to those times while my wife had an oldies station on the radio. In my memory I only remembered the fun, never the fear, or the lack of money. It would have been so easy to not pack up the dogs and the kids over and over again because we though we couldn’t afford it or it wouldn’t be prudent. But, I guess that’s not in our make up or mine at least. It’s not defiant or delusional to just want to live it up, to wring whatever bit of Love you can muster out of this life. I thought of my kids, now grown who are doing that now. A sense of awe and pride started to sweep over me as a really cheesy song from the past started up on the radio…I turned the volume up Loud as “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim started up. My wife looked at me, questioning then laughing as she saw me singing every word…We made it count and when the song ended a congratulatory fist bump was shared between us.

That night we were met by the most amazing sunset I can remember. I felt hopeful and thought of the images of food, support and plenty that had recently been coming in, I felt proud of the past leaps of Faith and mostly felt like the tables have maybe turned and the banquet that is this life may get even more abundant in the future. God I hope so, LOL. I am glad we made the trip…




The Miracle of Laughter

As I get older and count my blessings everyday for the choices I’ve made and the paths crossed and taken. I’ve come to appreciate The Miracle of Laughter. I would never consider myself to be a funny person, although I’ve always thankfully had the ability to make my wife laugh. Life is serious, really? Does it always have to be? Yes, there are many difficult and challenging aspects to modern life, and many people I know are struggling with various issues.

If you’re foolish enough to watch the evening news every night, you can hardly feel anything else but gloomy, afraid and pessimistic. My friends that make me smile and laugh the most these days are struggling with various hardships, as I am, some more some less, but if it’s personal, it’s important. Making each other laugh and smile has unknowingly helped rise us up from feeling defeated. Out of darkness into The Light.

Over the last four years I’ve had what some may call a Spiritual crisis or awakening depending on how you view it. While I’ve been visited, by countless, unexplained visitors of the heavenly realm, I’ve felt my grip on trying to live in the old ways lesson. Life is just different for me now and I’ve seen with my own eyes that when I’m dancing, painting, writing or listening to music the Angels are responding in kind. I know that God is equal parts Divine leader, Loving thunderbolt right between the eyeballs Teacher and Harpo Marx.

For the last few months more and more people who make me laugh have been coming into to my life. The ones that don’t are rapidly leaving. Brett Ryan Stewart cd Tilt a singer/songwriter friend cracks me up daily on Facebook. My writer friend Niall Williams last spring published the funniest book I’ve read in years History of the Rain. I feel that to laugh or make someone smile and laugh is like that crack of sunshine on a cloudy day. Probably why the Irish call a good laugh Crack. I vow to work harder at taking myself less seriously and making more of my loved ones laugh and allow them to see the joyful spirit that’s in me and hope that more and more show me that side of them.

I was in a store yesterday and they had a display case with these novelty wrist watches, I smiled and laughed to myself when I came across one that was titled Ministry of silly Walks it had John Cleese’s body at the Twelve o’clock position his legs were the minute hand and the second hand. I vowed to save up and get that watch.

We have three dogs and they make me smile and laugh everyday. I often tell people there is no accident that Dog is God spelled backwards. Their humor, joy and rambunctious spirit fills this house and lifts my spirit in kind. Over the Holidays, two of the three must have eaten mushrooms or something that made them so sick that they almost died three weeks apart. I realized as I saw them in such a dark place that their spirit was on the verge of leaving them and it was heartbreaking to see.

As, I was walking them this morning and writing this post in my head, a rainbow appeared, in the direction I was going. Home. So, I’m laughing more, I’m telling the ones I love that I love them more. I’m thanking God, Jesus and the Angels for their companionship, Love and guidance over the last few years. Get use to it world, this is me. It’s only just the beginning. I say this in case a sixteen ton weight happens to land on my head at any moment.

So, beloved blog readers whoever you are, make people laugh, hold the ones that make you laugh and smile close and lovingly, peacefully stay clear of the ones that don’t. With that I’ll leave you with a bit of Harpo…God Bless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9OUIk4Oaq4



Every once in a while you come across a quote that hits you between the eyeballs and reveals the Truth with amazing clarity. I came across this one the other day and it helped clear the Fog in a pleasantly unexpected way.

“Life is simple: we are living in a world that is absolutely transparent and the divine is shining through it all the time. This is not just a nice story or a fable, it is true”  Thomas Merton

photo 5 transcendence 36″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas


Holocene Bon Iver


I recently bought the second Bon Iver CD…I’ve been listening to it constantly for the last two weeks. I texted my son Scott, to say…”I love the new Bon Iver Cd, especially the song “Holocene”…”Dad that song has been out for two years, it’s my all time favorite Bon Iver song”…Oh well I may be two years late, but, Scott and I know a good song when we hear one…
I never really care about the lyrics of a song..I’m always tuned into the feelings pouring out of the singer, the bass line, the harmonies…
This song is beautiful and the Video, takes me to a place I thinks we should all strive for. Being innocent, alone and in rapture, skipping stones with nature…

Yellow Cedar and The Day Job Part 2

For the last two years I began to be a bit weary or burned out by my day job. I guess my feelings that I should be further along with my Art sales had gotten the better of me. Feeling that the world would rather hang a big screen TV than a piece of Art added a bit of a chip on my shoulder while I spent my days sawing wood and working on people’s homes. I felt a shift this last month as I was working with my son and his friend on a series of outdoor Arbors for old clients of mine. I felt lighter and buoyed by the enthusiasm these two young men found in their work. They were excited by the challenge I presented them and grateful for the work provided. The boys love working with wood and it’s all new to them.

We are building three Arbors for my clients. Two in Western Red Cedar that have been stained a deep Brown color and one is in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, my all time favorite wood. Scott and Adam have begun to tease me about my obsession with this material. I just love everything about it, the color, the smell when you cut into it, the endless ribbon curls as I plane the edges, it’s just magnificent and I feel honored every time I get a chance to work with it.

Yesterday we came close to completing a Yellow Cedar Arbor, it turned out great. We did a cool fanned out effect on the top 2.5″ x 6″ beams. The boys left a bit early and I was alone for two hours while I was applying a coat of varnish. I left the job site weary, but happy with what we had done. It was beautiful and it felt good to know that we built something for these nice people that will last a very long time.

I got an email from  my clients this morning. It was a series of pictures of an Eagle perched on top to The Arbor feasting on a Rabbit this morning.ImageEveryone who has seen these pictures are amazed. I believe Eagles carry Big Time Medicine. I was over the moon with excitement to see that this magnificent animal chose the Arbor we made yesterday as a cool place to have a snack, this morning. It reassured me that my day job may not be so bad after all. I build things that will last, I put my heart into the work. It’s all I can do. God does the rest. He gave me a big sign today…Thank-You!


Libra 3 The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed

Libra 3  The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed

The Sabian Symbol LIBRA 3
This pictures a sudden new beginning. Hard to believe at first, but eventually it will dawn on you that things are different in the light of a new day. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, and gradually let go of what went on before. New perspectives and new realizations. Waking up with a whole new consciousness or sense of reality. Radical shifts and changes.

Sabian symbols Lynda Hill

About Frogs

When he comes to you it’s can be a subtle slow process. He comes with a voice in the middle of the night, he comes to you with visions of paintings to create even though you never painted. Trust… take the leap, your soul has been waiting for you to make the connection to the Divine.


The process begins with the action taken, the slightest tentative step in connecting with your higher self with your soul’s birth plan leads to an unyielding supply of support. An arm being held by a force to move the paintbrush in a way not thought possible, the huge glowing white angel that appears and surrounds your house in a time of struggle and uncertainty. “I am Hamied, fear not, all will pass, you are in the eye of the storm and will land gently on solid ground”

Gratitude envelops the person who takes the steps toward realizing that God exists and that we are surrounded and always a breath away from connecting with the spirit. It’s nature and natural. Love is the water that nourishes the driest soul and  a new life begins… life you were meant to live.

On the property we have very wet areas on the land. In the spring the frogs start singing so loudly at times that you can’t hardly think of anything else. As the weather starts to dry up the land, you see very low patches that were once filled with water and teaming with frogs and tadpoles. The tadpoles lay in the drying mud in a state of waiting, little black spots that look like shrivelled dead bugs. A couple of days of rain and an amazing thing happens. The  water comes in and the tadpoles become living breathing active creatures again.

Frogs are miracles of transformation, they start as eggs, move to being tadpoles, then frogs. They live in two worlds… water, land and are comfortable crossing back and forth over that bridge.


I figure that’s a good example of a soul. We have to constantly listen to what we really need, spiritually and nourish our soul with Love, or it dries up. The beauty is that there is always hope for us. A little rain, alot of Love and a step in the right direction leads us back to the living. It is possible and necessary for all to attempt to bridge the spiritual and the physical. Its as normal as nature, as natural as living and breathing.


For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the image of a heart. I have painted countless hearts into my work. A heart is just a beautiful symetrical image of two halves making a whole…to me a heart expresses love, passion and  freedom of the soul. The way I try to live my life everyday…Heartfelt…The way I paint…with Love. Working through the many daily challenges that life brings can make us forget what’s essential…Love!

In the back of our property we have discovered an old apple orchard. The trees are 25 in number and had not been touched or cared for in about twenty five years. I have spent the last two months pruning back the old growth…cleaning up the blackberries that have overrun many of the trees…then burning or chipping up the endless branches that were cut…It’s been a challenging winter for us, we are in a new country and have met many wonderful new experiences, but had to adjust to some of the not so wonderful…Staying positive and having faith that we are meant to be here has not always been easy.

Last weekend I was forced to cut down a really old Apple tree that was just too far gone. The trunk was in a wild thicket of razor sharp blackberry bushes. It took me about an hour of whacking and hacking back the vines just to get at the trunk. I cut threw the base of the tree with my saw…I was rewarded with this image.ImageI smiled and thanked God for blessing me with my new home and the affirmation, through this symbol that I am meant to be here…I have found a home.


I saw an Angel the other evening while meditating. It was not the first one I have seen as a large variety of them have been coming and going in my meditations and my life for the last few years. In 2008 my good friend Carlos died, he was sick with Pancreatic Cancer. While visiting him in the hospital, a few days before his end, I will never forget he slowly stood up from his bed in the hospital to shuffle to the bathroom. As he was about to pass through the doorway he looked around the room and then at me and said “can you see all the Angels?” “What Angels” was my reply. “There everywhere” he said as he carefully closed the door as if he was afraid of hurting one.

Shortly after Carlos passed I started to see them. I remember one New Years Eve, I was really stressed, worried and weighted down with a burden that I can’t remember now. I went for a walk long after my wife and kids were asleep. We were living in the surburbs then and as I rounded the corner close to home, I saw a huge Angel in front of me almost blocking the street. I stopped and waited to see if it would pass, like a thought. It stayed , huge and glowing. After a moment, I began to calm and relax. I blinked and it was gone. I walked home  no longer troubled. The next morning as I was making breakfast, my daughter Kelsey looks up at me from her plate “Dad, you’re taller this morning” and happily continued eating. Our date for the day was The Polar Bear Swim.

Over this past year, I’ve tried to piece together plans and ideas for my property, home, career and life. As everyone experiences, there have been many delays, obstacles and challenges. Two of these elements have been with me  for a while, they are about to end. From time to time, I admit to getting impatient and even frustrated with the process of waiting. Two nights ago was such a night and as I closed my eyes and began the process of clearing and re-grounding, a very strange Angel appeared it began to bend and stretch to the right, left, up and down, like it was made of rubber. I heard the words, Flexible, you must be flexible, have Faith. I asked the presence for a name…Esk, Eska, or Eth. It was hard to tell. I thanked him for his visit, as you must be respectful to all visitors.

The next morning I googled Angel names with the letter E…I found ETH and was stunned to read the following…

Eth is the angel who sees that everything happens at the appointed time. He brings people together, he opens doors that had previously been closed. He ensures that everything falls perfectly into place when the time is right. If you are feeling frustrated because nothing seems to be happening, relax and know that Eth is bringing it all to you exactly when you are ready.Everything happens in divine time…

There is no special talent to seeing Angels, it’s just a matter of listening, asking for help. They started showing up for me when I was ready to pay attention. They are everywhere…Carlos was right!