5 D Life

Living in a 5 D reality, no longer straddled between two worlds, no longer questioning or afraid of Celestial Visions and Revelations. Accepting. The ability to dance on Earth, sing, laugh and cry on Earth and the simultaneous voyaging among the Heavens among Heavenly friends and family members is my reality. Embracing this unusual, yet blessed gift, as mine. I treasure and sing out with a joy and a weary, yet confident acceptance of Birth…Amen and Onward





Wayne and what Wayne has to say…

Dr. Wayne Dyer died last August 29, 2015. I did not know him, I never read his books, but had seen bits of his PBS shows. The evening of his departure in meditation around 3 am I saw a tall man with a funny cap climbing stairs and entering a doorway and once through music started ” Heaven, I’m in Heaven” and the man began to dance, blissfully and wholeheartedly. I saw the next morning in the news that Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed during the night. I realized that the photograph of the man in the news was the man I saw crossing through that doorway and dancing.

For the next two months or so, for whatever reason this man was all around me. Talking to me from the spirit world. Smiling at me, sitting beside me in my car, unexplainable. He kept telling me I have three books waiting. I’m not ready or sure I want to go there I would reply. You will and when you are ready, I’ll help you find the words, he’d say. It all got to be a little weird, uncomfortable for me so I asked Wayne to leave. Give me a break. He did.

Then November 14, 2015 while I was napping on the couch he came in strong with these words ” You have never ventured far enough until you see God. At that point your life begins to have immeasurable meaning and purpose. The path opens to those that awaken their heart and are not afraid to touch the flame of God’s love. We must not stop in our quest, it is our sole purpose, our reason for being here.”

Alrighty Then…

November 15, 2015…He’s back…

“Let’s begin. There are three key elements to a spiritual life. Trust, Release and Anger. Let me explain, we get to the point where we begin to be angry as to where our life is going. we release the fear and begin to trust in the process of finding God. This process awakens the spirit and once alive, spiritually alive. The whole process accelerates.”

The next day November 16, 2015…

” Let’s talk about Life. Life is a full blown circus of the ridiculous and the grand conjunction of epic truths forcing us humans daily into submission until we arrive at the tipping point. Ah God, there you are! I see you there. With courage we push forward to resolve our differences with The Divine. Some circle back to the beginning afraid of what they see. Facing their own darkness. The few who keep going eventually squeeze through the birth canal and find what was lost so long ago. God is in everyone lie a present waiting to be opened.” He was busily pointing at me and saying these were my words. Who knows.

November 21, 2015…

“The Grace of God shines down on those that seek the narrow path free from hostilities, hatred and ager toward others. Grace leads us to and immaculate conception between the Soul of man to God. It is within this realm that outburst Soul position can be attained and maintained within us and it is all within reach for us on earth.”

I’m honestly not sure if these are Wayne’s words or if he came forward to kickstart my words and maybe my Life Going Forward with words. It and my gift of seeing the other side   still leaves me in Awe and a bit of confusion, but, I’m resolved to be more active in sharing what I see and hear in the hope that it helps, not just me but others.


Death and a Trip to Morocco

Im not a morbid person, but I think about Death. More these days than ever. Ive never feared it, but, I’ve experienced watching loved ones and family pets die, even died myself once, but that was more of an emotional death. My wife and son have always struggled with the concept of death, what if anything comes after. The fear that there will be nothing but all consuming emptyness. An Abyss.

I don’t see that at all. I believe  our souls have a lifespan longer than we may ever know. Travelers, epic travelers of the infinite realm. We visit the physical reality and grow into bodies like a traveller books into a hotel room on vacation. Sometimes we enjoy the stay and remain longer than on other visits. Meanwhile we are learning, making mistakes, encountering with loved ones old and new and collecting data or experience for the next trip.

Last evening during dinner my wife and I were talking about death and the process of dying. She felt that everything stops. I don’t argue much, but to make my point as clear as I could the word Morocco came into my thoughts and this concept emerged. Imagine in our human reality that our soul lives in Canada or America all of their lives. An opportunity to travel to Morocco presents itself. It could be a sudden departure or take months to prepare, but you can go to a completely foreign country, exotic, new sites sounds and smells completely foreign to your experience. You accept the invitation and blast off to Morocco.

“Now if you see Morocco I know you’ll go in style, I may not see Morocco for a little while. But, while you’re there I was hoping you might keep me in your mind. to save me just a taste of something fine.”   Something Fine by Jackson Browne

This is what I believe to be true, so fellow travelers, live it up, love as best as you can, take every possible drop of this life into your hearts and leave behind a taste of something fine in all your encounters.  Believe that if a loved one travelled to a place like Morocco all you have to do is close your eyes and trust that the lines of communication will remain open.


Divine Providence…

The events of the Paris attacks, Isis and the stirring up of religious tensions over the last few days reminds me of a very clear Vision I had a few years ago.

While laying in bed in the middle of the night, my eyes closed. I began flying up and up. I began to see below me this giant pyramid with a brilliant light at the top of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the light as it was the most spellbinding white. I shifted my view down and the area around the base was filled with people, packed tight. I cannot remember if they were jostling, or unsettled at all. There was countless humans. They were definitely not fighting. On each side of the Pyramid I began to see lines of people slowly and single file climbing. At the head of each line I saw Buddha… Jesus… Krishna and Mohammed. All making their way to the light source.

I had an understanding then what my Vision meant. It radiates more power to me today. As I was at work thinking about whether to share this or not my mind was filled with the image on the  back of our One Dollar bill. I looked it up and Divine Providence came up, God’s love and protection over humanity. I believe it to be true and I have Faith that the majority of Humanity want the same thing, no matter what side of the pyramid you are on. We are climbing to the same destination and in God We Trust.