I have a friend…

Way back in 1998, I believe it was then, I was visiting extended family in Vermont. I had left my sales career and was just into year two of my Art life. Friends, family and former colleagues had not quite written me off, yet, but most definitely watched me with concern or looking for a good laugh. A concerned Uncle who I’m sure was hoping that a visit to the local eccentric Artiste would be just what I needed to hear how hard the life was,  to snap me back to reality, give up painting and go back to sales. He introduced me to Jerome Couelle.


Jerome was born in Aix en Provence, south of France. He lived most of his adult life in Toronto. Worked for The Hudson’s Bay Company and after a time later in life began to paint. By the time I met Jerome he was in his seventies, and was a full time painter. He spent his summers painting in a small barnyard red cabin about a mile from my old family cabin. The turning of the leaves and a change of season had him driving back to another winter in Toronto. When my Uncle and I pulled up to his cabin out popped this little man in a straw hat, a straw hat from a Van Gogh painting. he had smiling, mischievous eyes, I liked him already. introductions were made and Jerome was told how I had left my world of security and was painting. As per the possible pre scripted dialogue Jerome began to tell me how hard the life was and that very few Artists ever become successful, etc, etc…As he was explaining my upcoming doom I was quickly looking around the cabin, the scotch bottles above the cabinets, the dark aged pine panelling, the French Country Harvest table with a bowl of fruit in the center, the canoe leaning on it’s side on the front lawn, then we entered a sunroom off the kitchen, his studio. The first time I really felt a Soul’s sacred space. I had been in many successful men’s offices before and there was always the trappings of ego, but, rarely the energy of the Sacred. While Jerome was still talking about my difficult journey ahead. My eyes moved around the room to the small day bed under the window, to the multiple easels, the endless brushes, varnish, linseed oil, thinners, jars and countless tubes of paint, and the paintings, glorious crazy, whimsical paintings of humour and darkness wrapped into one. This guy was a wonderful glorious nut and I was in Love.


Once he had stopped talking he asked to see my work. I timidly pulled out a binder with slides samples of my first 18 months of work, I had done close to 400 paintings during that time. I’d like to remember exactly what he said to me on viewing my images, I know he liked the colors, I’m not sure what he said or thought, but, I saw his eyes and heard his voice of encouragement and kindness in his look as he handed me back my book, the voice I heard was in the Ethereal was “Poor Bastard, I know how you feel”. He knew, in that look as I type this now, he knew what this madness is about and he saw a younger version of himself. My first visit to Jerome was a vision of my future.

I wrote to Jerome a couple of times that winter and shared my progress. He was always kind and encouraging. I visited him again the next summer and our talks became more personal, a friendship was sprouting and I was honored. The next ten years I wrote to him and called him at least 6 times every year. The hard times and struggles he talked about were all true, it didn’t matter. I always felt buoyed and ready to keep going with every card or letter he wrote and after every phone call’s too brief end. In the summer of 2009 I visited him physically for the last time. He was the same except aging. He started to talk and joke about death then. “When I can no longer paint my plan, you see, is to load my Canoe with Fireworks and dynamite, paddle out to the middle of the Lake and Blast off” He always ended sentences with “you see”…

Jerome once told me that when he was a kid in the large stone family home in The South Of France his father had commissioned some workers to do a small remodel on their home. At the beginning of the project the tradesmen noticed something odd about the inner dimensions of the house, it didn’t match the outer. His Father agreed with this oddity and the workers were ordered to  smash through the living room wall, all brick and stone. They found another furnished room and in the corner of that room was a fully clothed skeleton of a giant. Jerome proudly told my daughter, my wife, my daughter’s friend Ali and me the story of a Couelle Family mystery. This love of and the acceptance of the bizarre and the hidden was at the heart of his Artwork.

The last time I spoke to Jerome was a couple of months ago and I knew from one soul to another as I hung up the phone that he was done with this world. “I want to explore other planets, you see, I’m tired of this one”. Well my friend passed on August 4th, 2015. I only found out the other day and since then he is with me and pestering me to paint. I’ve done three pieces now with his voice in my head telling me what to do…I hope he sticks around for a while. I don’t pretend to ever have been a best friend to this Great Artist. But, I’m comfortable in knowing that on a Soul level we were like minds. I am grateful for all his encouragement of my work in the physical world and I’m honored that he’s visiting me now for a while before he heads off to visit other planets…This is what he did, this is what his legacy is…www.jeromecouelleartist.com



I Love This…

Last week I drove down to Cannon Beach, Oregon. The gallery there that sells my work asked me to participate in The annual Plein Air festival. The timing was good,a break was needed. I packed up my art supplies, camping gear and hit the road.

I was unsure how it would all go, Artwise, as my style of painting is very different from what would be expected from a Plein Air festival. Dragonfire Gallery wanted me to paint right in the courtyard out front of the gallery. I was a little nervous as I set up the area to start painting that first morning. I asked for help “Please don’t make me look foolish” were the exact words I said to the heavens.

I had been painting for less that two hours and had set the colors on my first piece, an abstract, kind of, sort of, landscape. People had been stopping to watch, then moving on. From behind me a little voice starts to ask me a couple of simple questions. I looked back quickly, for a flash and barely notice a little girl shyly standing there. My eyes and concentration were back on the painting. A few moments later I hear her say ” I like paintings with depth”.  She had me now, I turn around and really saw her, this adorable girl of about seven years old standing there watching me paint wearing the same colors in her clothing as I had just put down on my canvas. “What’s your name?” I ask her in awe…”Eilee, my name is Eilee”. I grabbed a sharpie and my still wet painting. “How do you spell Eilee?” I ask….”E I L E E” I quickly wrote ” Sunset For Eilee” on the back of the painting. We both smiled and in our our own ways felt jubilant.


I painted like a house on fire for the rest of that day and the next. It was so much fun to talk to people and answer questions about my work. In the evenings I retreated to my campsite under the tall trees, lit a cooking fire, opened a bottle of wine and wearily thought about the work done, that day and all the days. Lots of work, thousands of hours, for about 18 years. I looked at the paint on my clothes, I looked at the paint still on my hands. Would I change anything? Did I have any regrets? Nope, I Love This…


About Doubt and Those Crows…

Doubt has been a companion of mine for the last few weeks. A cash flow crunch is always a helpful trigger. My guides and Angels had been showing me many amazing scenes of how my life story is playing out. I was greeted by multiple views doors in front of me, then a hand comes out and I have a golden key placed in mine, I open the door and an avalanche of cash engulfs me, on and on, unwavering Abundance. Meanwhile, in my waking life I had been struggling with a slow trickle of receivables. “When is this struggle, this  juggling act ever going to end?”…” You have nothing to fear” would be the back and forth conversation.

In a nutshell my day to day has been tight financially and I’ve  been dealing with another issue that’s been hidden but, is looming large and Ominous to our family.

So, in meditation I ask Jesus, because his smiling face is lit up right in front of me. “Okay, for years now, you’ve given me the answers”… He nods Yes…”I understand about Divine  Timing, frustrating though”… He’s beginning to chuckle…” I’ve been waiting so long for a breakthrough in two big areas of my life. Will it ever happen? Or am I just losing my grip on reality?”… Jesus, is almost doubled up laughing now. He straightens up collects himself and begins to speak…” My son, we know how hard this has been for you, but, you don’t realize that you have graduated, the work you’ve done has unchained countless generations/lifetimes of your Kharma. Trust and believe in the powers we have given you”… Then he holds up a Crow in his hand and says ” Let’s try an exercise, to help you believe in you and us. For three days you will see a crow.” With that he departed.

The next morning while driving to my day job A Crow flies across the highway low enough to make me almost swerve out of the way. “There’s one” I said to the air. The next day, I came out of the house I was working on and a Crow goes by me in a woosh and lands on the roof over my head… Caw! Caw!…”Ok, I get it, number two”…I need help is what I mutter under my breath. Day three I’m stopped at this small beach park, sitting in my car to briefly watch the boats head out to The Salish Sea. In the grass a Crow begins to walk along to a leaking water spout in the ground. He’s in front of me  drinking from the dripping spout, his head nodding up and down with every gulp of water.

That evening Jesus comes in again and says, “Now you will see a pair of Crows and one will be unusual”. The next day I park my car in front of my Chinese lunch place, step out of the car and two Crows land in the street in front of me. The Crow to the left is a normal looking Crow. The Crow to the right had a very Black head, very black wings. I got goosebumps when I saw that his chest was almost silver colored, almost like he had a tuxedo on. Once this special Crow new I got a good look at him, he hopped twice picked up a rock and quickly flew over my head. My spirit soared with him as I punched the air with my fist. My fortune cookie after lunch read “Prepare yourself for Truth”…”Amen, who’s crazy now? Not me”  I said out Loud.

The following are excerpts about Crows and their Spiritual Significance, taken From The late Ted Andrews author of the classic book Animal Speak…


To the Athapaskan Indians of Alaska, a Raven (Crow) was the creator of the world. To The Celts, the Crows also symbolic of Creation. In the Norse tradition, the god Odin had two Crows (Ravens) who were his messengers.

Wherever Crows are, there is magic. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. they remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us.

IMG_4105 Raven Holding Moon

Small miracles and small boats…

For about seven years prior to my move to Ferndale, I always had a boat. I started with a small 2 man Zodiac, then bit by bit, I kept trading up. It was so much fun to search Craigslist for a bargain, Use them for my modest nautical adventures, spend free time cleaning them and fixing them up to sell. I finally got to my dream boat” Full Moon” was a 22′ Seasport Sportsman.

It was one of the saddest days of my life to have to let Her go. The times we all had on her were some of the best in our family history. In my boating life, she was The Love of My Life. There are times when I think of her my heart aches. Sound silly? Not, if you’ve ever had a boat addiction.

I’ve been on land for four years now. I think I’ve only been in my canoe once, since. Lately, I’ve been drawn to water. In my daily travels I’m stopping at the beach, even for a moment to just look out, breathe in the sea and listen to the birds. There is restorative power in and around The Sea.

Last week an older friend calls me while I’m at my local Chinese $5.75 lunch place. Her… “Rob! We want one of your paintings and we’d like for you to build us a small Pergola”.  Me… “Great”. Her… “We can’t pay you, but we have a brand new 4 man Zodiac and a motor”. At this point for a second I was disappointed, as I have bills to pay. Then quickly, my heart lifted. A sign?  Me…” Sounds like a Trade, done”. I hung up the phone, finished my lunch, opened the Fortune Cookie and was stunned to see this…


Am I being guided back to The Sea? Maybe. Hope So… Here’s to miracles, however small slowly working their way back like a rising tide…

A draft from 2013…A Vision I saw

A man walks alone naked across a frozen field. The icy ground cutting into the soles of his feet like countless shards of broken glass. There is pain…no blood…He steps up to the alter iluminated by a brilliant golden light. The man reaches his arms up to God and begins to speak.

” I have a body will you take it?” God’s only son appears and brings a new body back and says.  “You will live a long time”

“I have a heart will you take it”? God’s only son reaches his hands out from a white linen gown touches the still beating heart and says “It is full and rich with life”

” I have a son who needs to see, will you help him” God’s only son steps forward with the young man in tow. “He is free, he is yours again”

“I have a daughter, who is in Love” God’s only son steps forward with two little children. “Meet your grandchildren”

“I am an artist, will I be met?” God’s only son steps forward trailing an line of countless souls. “This is your audience”

“I have a home, I want to stay here” God’s only son steps forward with a golden gate in his arms. “This is your land the gate will protect you from harm”

The man turns slowly around with a blazing warmth on his back. The ground thaws as he walks…where there was ice…now there are wildflowers. He kneels down, lowers his face and breathes in the kaleidoscope of scents. He is dizzy with the fragrance and exhilarated by the colors. He lays down in the field and says softly to himself. ” I think it’s time to rest”.

This is what I know…

I wrote this back in January of 2014…What the hell. Might as well share it…

Looking through the remnants of a dimension or a reality that will be soon lost, leaves me with an impression or an acceptance that God has been pulling the strings all along. My freewill was an illusion. He is in firm command of the ship and hopefully will take me safely into port. I have worked hard to assimilate and integrate the gifts that have been given. It has not been an easy task to allow a feeling of trust in the flow of information that I have received the last 14 years. I have seen countless visions of Jesus, Angels and many wonderful things that can hardly be described to the listener without the fear of looking out my window and seeing a white van coming up my driveway. But, the constant word I hear through all of this miraculous change is Faith. I have to have faith that it’s for real and it all means something.

One night about eight months ago, I was outside with the dogs, before bed time. I was dealing with problems before me. I was looking up at the the stars in the night sky when I saw and felt a huge hand swoop down from the left corner of my field of view. The hand came down as if to cradle me, “All will be well my son” was all I heard, but for what lasted for about thirty seconds I was suspended and swaying to and fro by what I believe to be the hand of God. You cannot convince me otherwise. Many times since, when I am in a restful state I see a vision of a pair of hands extending to me sometimes with a face, other times with a bright white light that’s hard to describe. When I reach out my hands to join his, my body trembles with the flow of energy pouring in. Sometimes it feels like it’s too much, scary really. I often ask…”Am I dying”? The answer is always No.

I’ve often felt confused and angry by the visions as the reality of my day to day life over the last few years has been not quite as glorious as the life before me when my eyes are closed. I’ve struggled greatly with trying to find answers to this riddle. I’ve often questioned my sanity. All along though as scary as it was I kept working with the flow of energy placed before me. I realize now that it has taken great personal courage and tenacity. I’ve written down as much as I can about what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced. Overall though I’ve been private, I don’t feel like keeping it a secret anymore. I have no answer or explanations to give anyone about the How? or the Why? All I can say is I see God, he talks to me, Jesus was the the earliest to come in and has been like a beacon guiding me along the trail. I’ve experienced in more ways then just visual, many past lives my soul has lived. I have been followed and guided by angels. Yeah, it’s odd. I’ve never been religious and was even an Aetheist for a six month period. But, I’m here to tell you that for me it’s real. I’m probably not the only one. The spiritual world is now just as real to me as the physical, I accept it and feel blessed. I no longer Fear or question the information pouring in.

God, Jesus, Angels and a host of other wild and mystical beings are here with us. They are here for us, to help us get through our Soul’s time on earth. It is not our only time, it is a time for our soul to experience earthly things and feel gravity, sorrow, dirt, blood, grief. When we are happy, laughing or experience moments when our mind disconnects from our body, like how I felt when I use to ski as fast as I could or when I paint. Those brief moments are how your soul feels when in heaven. There is a reason our souls landed into this earth and into our bodies. Lets not waste the time we have…

The Moon, Venus, a Bunny and a mind blown…

Wednesday evening was a challenging one for personal reasons. I decided to close the lid on it, turn the page the next day. I laid down on my bed and sunk my head into a friend’s book. Not surprisingly I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later to the sounds of my family saying goodnight and getting ready for bed. I got up and in a fog rounded up the dogs for their last backyard visit.

As I opened the door the dogs sprinted to their usual corner of the yard. I clumsily got my Muckboots on and walked outside. I looked to the left and noticed the  Crescent Moon was gloriously lit up with Venus glowing golden above it. I would have liked to stare longer, but a loud piercing short shriek filled my ears to the right. Crap! I thought…Sure enough a bunny had gotten into the yard and was now dead and being torn apart by my three dogs. We have a really big backyard, so by the time I arrived the scene was gruesome. I quickly collected what was left of the poor bunny. I decided to leave the dogs alone for a bit to bask in their collective victory of valiantly protecting us from intruders.

The heaviness I felt earlier was now amplified with sadness. I walked out to the middle of the yard and closed my eyes to say a short prayer for the victim of the crime and added a short familiar prayer for me. I slowly opened my eyes and from the direction of the dogs a sudden very bright light with a ring of light around it appeared and then streaked across the sky with a long illuminated trail, then faded above my house. The sight was so sudden and surprising it nearly knocked me off my feet. It seemed so low in the sky. I was dumbfounded and exhilarated at the same time. I thought it was a shooting star, but then I had never seen one so low, so bright and appearing with the double rings.

My son who was visiting came outside and we began to attend to the dogs, they needed a bath. I quickly explained what I saw, but the blood spots on the dogs got more of his attention. We cleaned them off and let them into the house. After I shut off the lights I looked up at the Moon and Venus again. Still processing what I saw I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself, life in the country is always interesting. Anything can and will happen at the drop of a hat.

The next morning I searched the internet and found out that Wednesday evening was the peak of the Lyrid Meteor shower. What I saw was a meteorite. I felt like The Hand of God. I found the following picture online that is the only image that is close to what I saw. It doesn’t have the rings and is nowhere near as bright and large, but it will serve as a reference. My heaviness and sadness is gone, the bunny’s gone, The Moon and Venus have been obscured by cloud cover, but my mind is still blown…


The moments…

Yesterday, as I was driving back along my gravel road from taking out the trash, I spotted an Eagle, a Bald Eagle flying above my field. I love Eagles, always have, growing up in Eastern Canada you just never saw them, I drew them as a kid constantly. But, when I moved to Vancouver they were around from day one, flying high above the city. When my daughter was small we would walk along the train tracks at White Rock Beach and I would excitedly point or yell out, “Look Kelsey an Eagle” she would dryly respond “It’s just a bird Dad” she grew up here, she was used to them and knew that Eagles were everywhere.

I never lost my feeling for these birds, they are not normal. Every time I see one, I stop…They are mesmerizing to me. I stopped the farm vehicle yesterday and watched this Eagle circle over my field and watched it arch and spiral over my house. I closed my eyes and asked for it’s Grace to spill over my home and protect us all. I then just sat and watched it.

This morning as I walked my dogs around my fields, the sun was shining and thankfully these three knuckleheads, were not running back and forth and entangling me with their leashes. The walk was almost peaceful, I looked up and saw the sun shining bright and it lit up the tall grass that was heavy with dew. I looked closer and noticed a collection of ferns that had grown up in a space that I had recently cleared of blackberries. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, switched it to the camera mode, then laid down in the wet grass and was able to snap a couple of pictures before the dogs noticed my position and attacked me with Glee and concern for my welfare.

In a 48 hour period these were just two moments, barely ten minutes of time that went by, but, I keep thinking about The Eagle and these Ferns, the way the sun shined through. I’m coming through to a time seen, but, unknown. Faith is written across the sky and like I read last week…”It just may turn out all right”. (pastlifetourist.com)


“May you have the strength of Eagle’s wings,

The faith and courage to Fly to new heights,

And the wisdom Of the universe

To carry you there”.

A Banquet…

About Four years ago, I had a vision of being in a large room with arched windows. The scene seemed old, like I was in an old life in Tuscany, Florence to be more specific. I approached the window and as I got near I could look out and see a country scene unfold. Suddenly,  this whirlwind of paper flew around me and I could see that what was paper was actually dollars, money. Swoosh, it all started to go out the window. I wasn’t sure or confident to understand then what I was being shown, but, realize now it to be true. The last four years has seemed like a constant outlay of money and energy. No matter how hard I worked in my day job or at the marketing of my Art, it was all going out and little coming in.

A couple of months ago, I was having a sandwich at a bakery in town. From my seat I looked up and saw a mural I had never noticed before. It was a painted rendition of my vision. A Tuscan old looking Arched window, looking out to the countryside. What startled me for a moment was instead of money flying out the window, the ledge had many loaves of bread, cheese, meat and fruit. It was a painting of abundance.

I kept looking at it then closed my eyes and a chalkboard appeared in my inner view…FAITH was slowly written across the board in a whitish yellow large piece of chalk. I opened my eyes as they began to tear up, said Thank-You in silence and walked out the door to continue my day.

About two weeks ago, I was forced to make a trip to California. One of the galleries that carries my work had decided to turn  one of their locations into a clothing store. Regretfully, the location that sold most of my work for them and had the most wall space. The other location they have is smaller and has a shortage of wall space. The feeling of hitting the road and spending more money to collect more of my artwork and find a new home for it, rather than hitting the road to bring fresh work and collect checks, made me feel gloomy and dejected. The hopeful part of the equation was that a short while ago I had set up a new gallery in a town nearby, Calistoga to be exact. Trying to stay positive I thought it would be good to re visit them and try to establish a more permanent connection. The fear of running out of money before a shift in the wind has been looming large for me for about six weeks now. But, it’s a Fear and only the potential energy, not necessarily what will happen. But, when it sits in your stomach it’s sometimes hard to eradicate.

My wife had vacation time and she was overdue for a change of scenery. I looked at the bank account groaned, carefully figured out what we could spend, made some calls for accommodations, negotiated with God for a successful trip. While in meditation before leaving I was greeted by a large friendly face, actually Jesus to be exact as I have seen him many times before. His face came closer to mine and then he slowly tilted back and his body stretched towards me like a table, large amounts of food began to fill the table. His hand began to pick up food and offer it to me. Which, I of course thankfully and gratefully accepted. We left for the road trip on the day of my birthday. We drove for two days, stayed three days in Calistoga and then stretched the drive home by three days.

While on the trip we did what we’ve done for years, kept it all really simple, packed our own food, wine,  sandwiches, olives, fruit, lots of road snacks and lots of music. The energy was not of worry or expectation, but, just peaceful, watching the landscape of the Westcoast change and unfold before us. From time to time, when I wasn’t driving I would close my eyes and Jesus would appear with a handful of food extended or once a spoon. Many times a loud voice came in to say “You are locked in, Have faith, there is nothing you can do to change this path”. While it may sound weird or fatalistic for anyone reading this. For me I’ve become used to it and it helped me continue on as relaxed as I could possibly be. You see in my case in the life I’m living creating works of Art and having raised a family, it’s all about Juggling and trying to stay Afloat and balanced. I guess I have become good at it.

One the first day in Napa Valley, I said goodbye to the old gallery, it was sad to part with the friends I made there, but, business is business I guess. The new gallery has lots of wall space and they seem genuinely excited about me and my work. Onward and hopeful we spent the next couple of days in and around Calistoga. I love that place. I met some interesting people that I hope will become new friends. My cousin and his wife showed up and treated us to an amazing birthday dinner.

We left Calistoga and stopped the first night in Yreka. We settled into the room after walking the dogs and I was stunned when Paula started to unpack an amazing dinner of snacks that my cousin and his wife had brought from Whole Foods Market. What a dinner, we laughed pretended we were in Spain as we ate.

The next day we drove through a stretch of The Oregon Coast that we had not travelled in about six years. During our summer camping trips for years as the kids were growing up this area was our stomping grounds. We had the times of our lives camping, living in a big family tent then moving up to a tent trailer, all the while on a shoestring budget. My mind was drifting back to those times while my wife had an oldies station on the radio. In my memory I only remembered the fun, never the fear, or the lack of money. It would have been so easy to not pack up the dogs and the kids over and over again because we though we couldn’t afford it or it wouldn’t be prudent. But, I guess that’s not in our make up or mine at least. It’s not defiant or delusional to just want to live it up, to wring whatever bit of Love you can muster out of this life. I thought of my kids, now grown who are doing that now. A sense of awe and pride started to sweep over me as a really cheesy song from the past started up on the radio…I turned the volume up Loud as “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim started up. My wife looked at me, questioning then laughing as she saw me singing every word…We made it count and when the song ended a congratulatory fist bump was shared between us.

That night we were met by the most amazing sunset I can remember. I felt hopeful and thought of the images of food, support and plenty that had recently been coming in, I felt proud of the past leaps of Faith and mostly felt like the tables have maybe turned and the banquet that is this life may get even more abundant in the future. God I hope so, LOL. I am glad we made the trip…




The power of Resistance…

As a child many of us grow up with this un-ending feeling of optimism, we can do anything, loving parents and relatives cheer you on constantly. A soul matures past that world of non stop cheerleading and you are faced with The adult world where people aren’t quite so nice, where support is seldom found, instead of “You can do It” you meet up with jealousy and roadblocks…It’s not special, it’s just Life in The adult World. People for some reason feel less kind towards one another, less like cheerleaders and more like rivals…

I realized recently that I’ve become used to and Really fond of Resistance…I rarely experienced it in my youth other than in a superficial way, being a Redhead, meant you always stood out. But, in the last 15 years at least it’s been all about working against resistance and you know what? it’s working for me…Yes, I wish Life were easier in a monetary fashion, yes I wish I knew that I will be able to keep my home. I wish there was World Peace and all…But, I’ve learned so much from the struggle and from resistance that I try to go out of my way to be a cheerleader to friends that are stepping out and trying to do something of their own and what’s important to them. I try really hard to be supportive, because I know how it feels…

I wonder what it would be like to not have have a force to push against. If the wind wasn’t blowing against me everyday would I lay on the couch? Yawning and stretching? Maybe not, but, I know I’ve grown from this Opposing Pressure and it’s made me stronger and a nicer, a kinder Human Being. I love Hawks and Eagles and as a young man loved to Wind Surf…You can’t Fly, Soar or Sail without Resistance and Pressure from The Wind… That much I know… Bring it on…I don’t care anymore. I know I’m strong and can take all that comes my way and if the time comes that it gets too hard, well I’ll just Sail away…No worries

Tumbo Island Bliss 2010

Tumbo Island Bliss 2010